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We appreciate your interest in participating in this exciting new program launched in 2016.

Everyone knows that kids are unique and amazing human beings.  Each child has a distinct personality, with his or her own special skills, interests, talents, weaknesses, attention span, quirks, communication style, and learning abilities.  Recognizing this, in 2015, the Montana legislature passed Senate Bill 410, Montana’s first education legislation specifically designed to give parents more options for their children’s education.

Senate Bill 410 is a tax credit program that encourages individuals and corporations to direct a portion of their tax liabilities to create scholarships for K-12 students.  The tax credit is a $150, dollar-for-dollar credit, on your Montana taxes.   A donor is entitled to claim a charitable deduction for donation amounts above $150.   The entire amount of any donation is eligible for the federal charitable deduction.

Senate Bill 410 requires student scholarship organizations (SSO’s) to administer the scholarship program.

Big Sky Scholarships is the first SSO to operate in Montana.  We are a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Montana.  We operate in an ethical, transparent, and efficient manner in order to provide the best possible service to the parents, students, and taxpayers of Montana.   If you would like the opportunity to direct a portion of your taxes to help a student thrive in an educational environment that meets his or her individual needs, please consider making a donation.  Big Sky Scholarships will ensure your donation makes that happen.

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